Raif Adel

Founder and CEO

  • Implementing the operations of merging, acquisition , restructuring, liquidation, dissolution of companies, selling shares and shareholders agreements.
  • Review contracts and agreements, negotiate on behalf of clients, and settle their disputes.
  • Representing clients from foreign and local companies or individuals in front of arbitral tribunal and courts of all kinds and degrees in commercial and investment disputes.
  • Representing and defending clients in criminal cases such as economic crimes, electronic crimes, money crimes and bribery
  • Providing advice to clients in various sectors such as investment, banks and financial institutions, real estate and construction, gas and petroleum, insurance and reinsurance, transport and logistics, and aviation.
  • Managing programs to develop relationships between investors.
  • Presenting consultations regarding companies finance, strategic plans , enhancing operations efficiencies , creating teamwork
  • invesment fraud crimes in the Egyptian law
  • Embezzlements & malpractice crimes.
  • Criminal submission and their relevance to public order
  • Bankruptcy and his effects
  • Bankruptcy crimes in the Egyptian Trade Law.
  • Commercial Sale Provisions.
  • Bankruptcy crimes in the Egyptian Trade Law
  • Publicity of sessions in Egyptian law.
  • The neutrality of the judge in accordance to the Egyptian laws
  • Infringement of trademarks in the Egyptian law (the Crime & Punishment )
  • Arbitration clause in contracts and his effects.
  • Member of Egypt’s Lawyers Syndicate.
  • Member of the Arab lawyers union.
  • International Arbitration adviser.
  • Legal advisor to a number of commercial companies inside and outside Egypt.
  • Legal advisor to a number of investment entities and associations.
  • Legal advisor to the International Peace Center for Human Rights.
  • Legal advisor to a number of charitable civil society organizations.
Scientific certificates
  • Holds an honorary doctorate in the field of humanitarian leadership and peace concepts in the African continent and the Arab world.
  • Holds a diploma in international arbitration from the American Association of Judges and Lawyers.
  • holds a Bachelor of Laws.
Governmental and international conferences
  • He attended the World Youth Forum 2017.
  • Attended the World Youth Forum 2018.
  • He attended the Africa Investment Forum 2018 and a large number of international conferences in the field of law, economics and others.