Sheikha Dr-Hind Al Qasimi
Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qasimi Award
All thanks to Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qasimi and dear friend Ashraf Ashraf Jaber for honoring Counselor Raif Adel at the launching ceremony of Hind Magazine “Emirates International Business Club magazine in Dubai.
honorary doctorate degree
Counselor/ Raif Adel supervised the honorary doctorate degree, the highest degree in the specialization of human leadership and the concepts of peace in the African continent and the Arab world with an appreciation of excellence due to his high experience and efforts in the field of human work and social leadership,Organization of the Peace Movement on the African continent,The General Secretariat of the Union of Arab Peace in Africa, keys and Solutions for Economic Development and Income Development for Women
honorary doctorate degree
high honorary certificate
Counselor / Raif Adel granted ” a high honorary certificate ” from the Supreme Council of the Arab League for Arab and International Youth for the efforts made in developing the Arab community and working for the unity of the Arab nation to support the cultural and social movement in the Arab world.
Fifth Lawyers Forum
All thanks to the Omani Association for granting the office of Counselor / Raif Adel a certificate of attendance at the Fifth Lawyers Forum, which discussed the role of law in promoting national belonging and held in the Sultanate of Oman We strive to promote national belonging in the Egyptian society and all our Arab countries
Cooperation Agreement

New success added to the series of achievements of the office of the Counselor / ElRaif law firm in the Arab Republic of Egypt 🇪🇬: A cooperation agreement was signed and signed with Al-Suraihi and Abu Najm Lawyers and Consultants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bahrain Legal Forum
Counselor / Raif Adel has the honor to attend the Bahrain Legal Forum (modern trends within the framework of commercial law) in the Kingdom of Bahrain ⚖
Salam International Center for Human Rights
We are honored to be chosen as counselors for Salam International Centre for Human Rights .. Justice has been created to achieve peace; so let the peace anthem be a reality living and fruitful among us, As there won’t be hands to beat war drums when the peace bells ring and if present it won’t be heard, so listen up every bereaved mother, every widower, every son who lost a brother or a father, all war victoms fill the land and space with peace carols, fill the chests and hearts with peace hopes